Introduction to NetEnt

  • Jan 24, 2021

NetEnt is one of the word's leading producer of casino solutions. They are capable of producing a top-notch solution that invoke trust in players and also help their casino houses to attract and retain a great number of audience. You can visit to see some of their exiting and most popular slots.

Why Play With Strategy

NetEnt is the most generous studio in the market. They produce their slots with a favorable house advantage. That is why a lot of players prefer their products. If your dream is to make good money on gambling, then the best is NetEnt. Visit to enjoy some of the best slots from NetEnt.

However, winning a NetEnt slot is not a walk in the park. A lot of people have lost their fortune here. If you want to avoid making "novice mistakes", you have to mask your skills with a proper strategy. Here are some of the proven strategies you can use to beat any NetEnt slot.


Utilize The Demo Capabilities

The demo is a replica of real money casino only that you use virtual money. Every NetEnt slot has a demo equivalent. For a new player, there is no need to test the "waters" with your fortune. Train and build the required skills (required in real money gambling) while playing on the demo version.

You can also use the demo version to select a profitable slot. It is simple. All you need is to observe the reaction of the slot on coins in different denominations. It all depends on the state of a slot. It can be either cold, hot, or neutral. The most profitable slot is in a hot state.

Always Play On Hot Slots

A slot is considered to be hot when the balance in the prize pool is positive. That means a lot of players had lost in such a slot previously. Such a slot has a higher potential to give out a winning. All you need is to find such a slot and wager there.

So how do you achieve this? Well, you need to be on demo mode. Select the slot of your choice then, wager your virtual stake on different denominations. If the slot keeps giving you either bonuses or winning randomly, it is in a hot mode. You should then try it in real money mode.

Play On High Volatility Slots

What is volatility? It is the measure of how hard a slot is to win. Most people prefer wagering on medium to low volatility slots. Well, it is the best way to play safe. If you have a low stake, it is also good to [put your money on a low volatility slot.

However, if you playing on low volatility slots will not give you a lot of money. If your idea is to win mega pounds, then high volatility slots are the best way. You will undergo endless cycles of losses. However, in case of a win, you get enough money to compensate for all the losses and remain with a profit.

Bonus Policy and Wagering Requirement

Bonuses are awarded in different stages of the game to motivate players. However, they are all attached to a wagering requirement. There is a certain number of rounds you have to play your bonus stake before it is available for withdrawal. A good bonus should have a low wagering requirement of below 40x.

As we wind up, the above strategies are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find many of them on the net. However, those are the most universal to all NetEnt slots. If you follow them to the letter, you will beat your slot and take away the money lost by your friends.

Win In Any NetEnt Slot